Reflex Designs is here!!

Product Information

Hello everyone!

Thanks for checking out our new brand, Reflex Designs! This brand has been an idea of Cyrus’ for a long time and now with Ofer’s help and the help of numerous friends, it has finally become a reality!!! It was back in 2007 when Cyrus first saw the need for a lifestyle brand targeting the multisport market. Full of pride from his racing, Cyrus was your typical triathlete who could be found pretty much living in his race t-shirts. 100% cotton race t-shirts or tech shirts with sponsor logo’s all over the back of them… all the time. After a couple more years of racing, this trend got very old and Cyrus wished there was a way to express his passion for the sport while also dressing well.

And with that, Reflex was born. Right now the brand consists of only a few t-shirts but, trust us, more designs are on the way as we speak! Soon you will be able to find a wide variety of menswear made up of vintage and modern designs on tees, hoodies, polo’s and more. Additionally, we are very excited to offer a women’s line of casual tanks, tees and hoodies, which should hit the market by late July/early August. If you’d like to stay in the loop with these new products and our growth, please subscribe for our mailing list and we will be sure to notify you when new items are released… we will also promise you that we will not abuse this list or sell it to any other companies or individuals.

For now, we are excited to see/hear the feedback from the triathlete community and we hope to offer all of you some great new items to wear! Please feel free to email us any ideas, thoughts or recommendations that you might have for us and we’ll do our best to listen. We are a company for triathletes run by triathletes. Hopefully one day you’ll know us as THE casual wear brand of the industry. Until then, thanks for your support and be sure to tell your friends about us!


The Team