The aim of the Reflex brand is to be the lifestyle brand for the Multisport athlete. We are not a tech brand or a gear manufacturer of any kind. Instead, our goal is to provide endurance athletes with a fashionable way to represent their passion for the sport when they are not actually doing it.

Seeing as how most endurance athletes are typically very proud people who like to let people know about their accomplishments, we wanted to give consumers a better option for doing this than with the typical 100% cotton, or technical, race shirts. We offer an option that will allow you to subtly represent your sport. Whether it’s at a sporting event, a BBQ or in the most upscale nightclub, Reflex will have you covered. We hope you like it.

Our Clothing

Our aim is to only use the highest quality apparel in all of the things that we do. Currently for our t-shirts we are using a 4.3oz tri-blend fabric (50% Polyester, 25% Cotton, 25% Rayon), which is pre-shrunk, extremely soft, comfortable, and stretchy. While these shirts are unbelievably comfortable they are also a bit form fitting so they help to accentuate the athletic physique of our customers. You will not only feel amazing in these tees, but you will look amazing too!

Company Profile

Cyrus R. Severance – President & Founder

A lifelong endurance athlete, Cyrus is very familiar with the predicament that most athletes face when searching for something to wear. In one hand is a 100% cotton t-shirt from your latest, greatest race while in the other is a higher quality, vintage style shirt that says something about surfing, baseball or some other event that you don’t know, or care, about. Cyrus has always considered himself to have a reasonable sense of fashion, but he also likes to be able to represent the things that he is passionate about. With that in mind, and with the help and encouragement of a few like-minded friends, he founded Reflex in 2011. Cyrus’ background in cross-country running, track & field, triathlon, marathoning and most other endurance related sports paired with his education in business (MBA & B.S. degrees in International Business) have given him the tools that he has needs to launch the brand.






Ofer Barniv – Co-Founder

Always ready to take on a new project, Ofer has had his hands in several start-ups including Powder7.com and most recently emily rc photography. In teaming up with Cyrus to create Reflex, Ofer brings a wide breadth of knowledge regarding the logistical and financial sides of running the business. Additionally, Ofer has an extensive background in endurance athletics, having ran track and field at Kent State University while completing his M.B.A.